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Gold Bracelets

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Knot Station Bracelet

3 Knot Station Bracelet made from 9 Carat Gold

Blue Topaz Gold Tennis Bracelet

Stunning ! 25 Sky Blue Topaz Gemstones Set in 9 Carat White Gold

Butterfly Granulation Gold Bracelet (GB490)

Four Pretty Butterflies elegantly placed, a lovely timeless piece and gift!

Column Bar Gold Bracelet (GB489)

Luxury Gold Column inspired Bar Bracelet

Flower Granulation Station Gold Bracelet (GB488)

Beautiful, elegant and fun 9 Carat Gold Bracelet with four pretty flowers, suitable for all occasions, a lovely gift.

Gold Watch Strap Bracelet

Watch Strap Style 9 Carat Gold Bracelet

Keshi Pearl and Diamond Bracelet (GB419w)

Keshi Pearls and Pave Diamonds set in 9 Carat Gold Bracelet

Yellow & White Gold Open Heart Bracelet

Modern Stylish Yellow & White 9 Carat Gold Open Hearts Bracelet